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8 hour frogathon!!!!!!! HM

by Zavier Zante, 0 of 0 players signed up since Sat 3 Mar 2012, 23:07
Event Description:8 hour frogathon!!!!!!! HM
Game Type: Guild Wars
Event Date & Time:Sat 10 Mar 2012, 22:00
Event Vacancies:0/0
Event Roles:
Sat 3 Mar 2012, 23:06:

8 Hour Frog a Thon Rules Sign up on any char and will sort the roles out whilst forming. It will be 5 runs followed a 30 minute break, then reforming for another 5 runs etc. This allows people to join for just 1 set of 5 runs or more depending on how they feel.

Sun 4 Mar 2012, 03:35:

To help us out in managing the makeup of team(s) throughout the event, it would really help if you are able to reroll to multiple roles. This will keep things going quickly. If you're curious if your characters have the skills necessary, check these out: 1. Sin Tank [build=OwZSk4PT8I6M0l0klCHQNQ4O] OR [build=OwZjkwf84Q8I6MHQ0l0k3lNQ4OA] 2. 100 Blades [build=OQcTEXKXNiukm8qA3hnovYHcqBA] OR Derv VOS [build=Ogek8Jp7KzaENJd53m5l2FuTzVMJ] 3. Aura of the Lich Rit [build=OASjUMHMJT0l0kbhyBylNTWClBA] 4. UA Monk [build=OwUS0YIT0l0kSELB5gfEAEME] 5. Necro MOP Caller [build=OAJUYoDbV8R0l0kWClBfC3gIHQHA] 6. Para Shouter [build=OQijEqmK6S8Y7YAh+YDb1Y0k0lA] 7. Para Bonder [build=OQOj8YmM6S7Y8YAh0bxD4Y0k0lA] 8. OPTIONAL BUILDS Charge Warrior (support for the cave of death and cripple) [build=OQATEXqVZiukmktgrgnQucooNCA] Rit SOS (Spirits specifically put down for chaos storm KABOOM) - very flexible with skills. [build=OACjAqiMJS0l0kXTlTfT+gRbVTA]

Sun 4 Mar 2012, 10:14:

Thanks for the builds Kim.... Just a few notes. Personal tweaks on the builds are fine e.g. last night Jase ran a sin build with Dwarven Stability. What we don't want to get into is changing builds that require other people to change their builds. This will mess up forming and slow things down. EE and IAU are not skills that can be substituted! WE WILL BE USING FULL CONS! WE KNOW IT CAN BE DONE WITH JUST AN ESSENCE! We are likely to be running teams that have never run with each other before and want to keep these as fun runs. We are not going for records. Payment for cons will be 1.1k per run dropped after we kill the first foe on level 1 - the reward pays for this each run. Our normal rule in the guild is that is you get a frog drop you pay for cons for the next run :) There are loads and loads of possible builds for the optional slot. You can take any class, but you must have EE, IAU and single target damage. Speak to me (Dave) before if you want some build suggestions). Ideally, bring a shield with + health and +10 lightning, and a spear with +health. And most importantly of all, have fun!

Fri 9 Mar 2012, 22:53:

This list is missing 1 Buffelkey.

Sat 10 Mar 2012, 00:00:

due to the donation we have 50 FREE CONS!

Sat 10 Mar 2012, 04:38:

Took off my ranger and added my warrior, cause I feel like dicing some Ophil. ;-) I believe I have every position ready, though.

Sat 10 Mar 2012, 08:07:

ill be there as much my family commitment allows :D but gl @ end chests everyone.. please have fun REMEMBER if someone dies it isnt a fail, we get to play last one dead is a noob :# have fun :D

Sat 10 Mar 2012, 15:45:

The first frog of the day went to: Hayley aka Glowing Starlett [YUM] - Q13 Spawning Here are the other who got one :) Stephen aka One United (SNOW) - Q11 Spawning Jason aka Georgina Shadow (SNOW) - Q12 Curses Alis Angel [T o A] - Q13 Spawning Rith aka Al Masih Ad Dajjal (SNOW) - Q11 Earth Hayley aka Glowing Starlett [YUM] - Q11 Water Rick aka Al Bhed Girl Rikku (SNOW) - Q9 Water

Sat 10 Mar 2012, 20:11:

Hayley got 2 hmmm hax! :#

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