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Hero's Ascent NM

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Event Description:Hero's Ascent NM
Game Type: Guild Wars
Event Date & Time:Sun 26 Dec 2010, 21:00
Event Vacancies:0/0
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Sun 26 Dec 2010, 00:59:

Fancy a bit of fun? Come Hexway HA with us! I've made a build which should be good for everyone, old and new. The way the build works is that it's a hexway/conditionway pressure build. The necros and mesmer push hex pressure, while the assassins and death necros pump condition pressure (along with fragility for some extra dmg of course). The assassins spike different targets, ocassionally converging, to confuse the monks and make attacks very difficult to predict or cover well. Panic and interrupts should limit some damage to our teams, with the extra heals from the necro helping alot. If we keep up, we should have enough pressure to kill the other team quite quickly, as well as the aparatus for other maps like relic runs. 2 x [WotA Assassin;AnBC5wQ8dws/EnpV1NIAA] One with Lightning, one with Frost. Spikes targets, spamming their targets in team chats for the mesmer and necros to target. [LC Necro;AkBC5IwGUGs7gMEL0KIAA] Spreads hexes all over everything. Rips enchantments from monks/eles. Barbs on targets that WotA's call. Snares for snaring in certain maps. [Toxic Chill Necro;AUCCtnd60F4F8hdjtjJAA] TC on targets which WotAs call (and just spreading generally). Rising on squishies. Well of suffering whenever there's a free corpse to use it up, profane if you can manage it with your energy. Song of Concentration when one of our team dies (equip a spear and keep adrenaline charged). Speed boosts in certain situations. [Panic Mesmer;AFCClBcBQDMBMDID4DcxA] Interrupt key skills on the other team when possible (mesmers, aoe on eles, etc). Panic on casters, fragility as a cover hex. Cast fragility on targets that the WotA's call. Shame on monks/heal rits. Sig of Humility on LS Monks. Flesh if anyone EXCEPT MONKS dies. [Taint Necro;AECCFH08VVNxkxMMNOlcB] Maintain Tainted Flesh on everyone! Maintain Withering on WotAs. Sig for energy management. Keep weapon spells on monks (keep warding up on HB if they're getting spiked alot). Death Pact MONKS ONLY AS SOON AS THEY DIE!!!! (Very important :P) [LS Prot Monk;ATBCpFNGJQcX9AGQUTYCA] Be awesome. [HB Heal Monk;ATBCRS0Ae3M95FpAs8ZCA] See above. Sign up and declare what you wanna be, please!

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