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Event Description:Moar MTSC
Game Type: Guild Wars
Event Date & Time:Sun 9 Jan 2011, 19:00
Event Vacancies:0/0
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Sat 8 Jan 2011, 20:04:

It was fun today. Let's make it fun tomorrow (except Kim.. you need to relax while being stressed)

Sat 8 Jan 2011, 20:38:

I agree that Kim just needs to chill out! But this is truly great fun, so I love getting this happening with some regularity.

Sat 8 Jan 2011, 21:07:

I think Kim did an excellent job at monking.

Sat 8 Jan 2011, 21:49:

She did. I was just joking around cause she was frustrated trying to figure out who had/didn't have bonds hehe.

Sun 9 Jan 2011, 11:51:

i'll join , i'll try to make it on time , depends on how far i get in my studybusiness :p but i'll prolly make it, any pref. builds i should run ? or will a basic SF build do ? if possible i'd like to bring my rainbox phoenix, so i can lvl him to display in my hom = +2 !! points ... cya then !!

Sun 9 Jan 2011, 14:35:

Ah yeah, it is fun times! I'm just the type of person in game that if I'm monking, I need to have things nice and ordered. This run definitely challenges that! :P Anyone know of a good texmod that keeps bonds organized? Mr. Moo, since you seem to have all the builds saved in GW, I think it might be a good idea to store all the builds in a .zip file and have them available on the forums (kinda like how Dave did for the frog builds). I've been saving them as you've been pinging them in team chat, but I'm sure I'm missing a few. Mind sharing the love? :)

Sun 9 Jan 2011, 17:43:

Just did that in the MTSC guide [b][url=]WTS builds![/url][/b]

Sun 9 Jan 2011, 20:32:

nice run, although i'm sorry didnt had the builds ( in the beginning ) etc. but now i got the hang of it, not much to it really, but fun, and brings up your kurz. title up in no time ! Looking forward to do some moar.

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