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More MTSC Of Mooooo HM

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Event Description:More MTSC Of Mooooo HM
Game Type: Guild Wars
Event Date & Time:Fri 14 Jan 2011, 23:30
Event Vacancies:0/0
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Thu 13 Jan 2011, 00:40:

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Thu 13 Jan 2011, 20:55:

^hehe this is listed as Saturday in my timezone, had me confused BTW Did someone order Splinter Weapon? [build=OwUTMwHDVyhIeQeIlAuMHMuRnA] [build=OwQTQGHDZihoTAAIHcVMlAuceA] Im still not a fan of [Order of Pain], but Chris really liked it. So the optional is for either that or a hex removal. Go 12-9-9 in Attributes then (12 being smite) [build=Owgj0sQqoSwlNgbEYM5gQg5VqEA] Frontline 1x [build=OwpiMypMBgxc1cFmJDmLSTuIC] 3x [build=OwpiMypMBgxc1cFmJDCAQTuIC] Optional for [Critical Eye] / [Asuran Scan] / [Drunken Master] / [I Am The Strongest] 1x [build=OwNi0xjM5wwwcw8WGnp/QTeSA] Ask Chris ;) For the other profs [build=OQojExVTKT2FygvlMXNXBFCF0kA] [build=OgGjkyqJbSBFMXNXDYhbvlje0kA] [build=OgoicxpMBgxc1cdB+WWcIDSTC] Not saying we should run this now!

Thu 13 Jan 2011, 21:35:

Luky... those are wierd... Run the old Cautery Sig, LB, UA bars. Cautery sig takes Remove Hex (i think the non attrib one...) LB takes Splinter Weap UA takes Spotless over Dwaynas. I think the frontline should have half take EBSoH and the other half take Crit eye. Provided they are A/d's. (*which they should be*) The frontlines need Asuran Scan over iau. Definitely. And the solo Wota is fine. It's difficult to run, so no one but me should ever attempt it! Or else you might explode!!! (aka I want to be included on runs at hours that I'm able to make more than 1 run a day if I wake up at 6am.)

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