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Rragar SC Manly Way Test Run

by Lukyboy, 0 of 0 players signed up since Mon 11 Jul 2011, 16:52
Event Description:Rragar SC Manly Way Test Run
Game Type: Guild Wars
Event Date & Time:Sat 23 Jul 2011, 20:00
Event Vacancies:0/0
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Mon 11 Jul 2011, 16:50:

Digging through PvX trying to looks for something fun to do I found an old Rragar's Menangerie speed clear build. It had some weird builds, no tactics and hardly any usage, but was still voted to "great". Looked fun to me :) So I polished it up, theorycrafted some tactics and now I would like to test it. It's basicly the same as froggys, except you dont get a froggy. [url=]Here, you get 2 naked women (click me!)[/url] [b]Builds[/b] Main Tank [build=OwZSk4PTJD6MHQlC5i4OdO0lA] Runner [build=OwZSk4PTHQ6MlC3lNQ0kIQ4OA] 2x 100b/VoS [build=OQcTEXKXNC3hn4qovYHcqBAguE] MoP [build=OABTQUDeY6NwSQFqM4TAAYVkuE] Paragon [build=OQCiYyoMxjtjBE6jRXSTWvhjB] Bonder [build=OwcS8YITOExD0EpEyDyE0l5gA] UA [build=OwIT0YIjHqBE5gkIHkhYX8jguE] Quick explenation of what's going to happen *Everyone grabs the quest in Doomlore. Runner runs to the dungeon (which is kinda difficult) *Level 1: Pop a BU. Main tank jumps in the first mob, ball up the casters and melee, forget about the ranger. Runner blows up the wall and runs for level 2. Main team runs for the Keg station and spams kegs. Run for the Ranger boss, main tank jumps in and a quick spike. Then somehow kill Rragar, grab the key and the runner zones to level 2 *Level 2: (Another BU) Paragon uses his shouts to speed everyone up and rush straight for rragar. Tanks jumping into mobs for distraction. We might have to spike a few on the way, but I noticed most of these groups break aggro fairly quickly. Runner takes a left and runs straight for the door to level 3. At Rragar, Maintank balls up the casters and melee, spike those and then go for rragar, grab key, runner zones to level 3. Level 3: (Another BU) Main tank pulls away the first mob if needed, team passes on the left. run straight for the keg room, spike the charr mob at the entrance and the group near the keg station. Ball up at keg station, spam kegs. 1 person trigger the door blowing up thing and rush back to kegs. Run into the corridor and enter the littile hall on the left. Ball up the patrol, spike it. Pull the boss group. Have the hound use his PBAoE before you ball them. Spike it, If the boss isn't dead, quickly scatter to avoid Putrid Explosion, finish him off. Run for rragar's room, main tank will have to pull 1 mob away. Hide behind the rock in Rragar's room, kill Rragar first with Spoil Victor/Barbs then Hideplitter

Sun 17 Jul 2011, 20:58:

dibs on bonder

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