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Yumway Training Run

by Nijntje The Slayer, 0 of 0 players signed up since Wed 23 Feb 2011, 07:28
Event Description:Yumway Training Run
Game Type: Guild Wars
Event Date & Time:Tue 21 Dec 2010, 21:00
Event Vacancies:0/0
Event Roles:
Mon 20 Dec 2010, 15:11:

Ok switched to Yumway cause its more fail friendly more safe and we have more different professions that can join the event instead of mainly sins and ele's. [A/E Terra;OwZSk4PT6MHQ0k5i8QulIQ4O] I will be running the Terra build for tonight. [A/D 1;Owpj8NjcKTnbMXNX4O2kjeLi0k] Will be the main puller make sure you use YMLAD to k/d the nightmares when they use rend enchant. [A/D 2;Owpj8NjcKTnbMXNX4OAAygLi0kA] Optional slot for [By urals Hammer!] or [You Move Like A Dwarf] you will just be killing stuff together with A/D 1 after he pulls if he dies you jump in to finish the pull. [SoS Rit;OACiIykMdNVO5N5DixAAgLSDC] Optional slot for [Agony] , [Painful Bond], [Flesh of my Flesh]. your job support team with some addinational damage and bodyblock foes with spirits so they get stuck and ball up nicely. [Ineptitude Mesmer;OQZCAcw0LwKQeGCIywEQqIcJ] Your job Kill stuff and mainly disable skelies with your skills so they wont get their 100 dmg spikes off. [UA Monk;OwIT0UIbRajwBsBc6LHEuE6ghA] Throw down EoE in strategic places use your heals to keep the party alive and rez with UA (seeding E/Mo works nicely) [E/Mo Bonder;OgNDwcPPP3saBt4zTSOIxD5B] Prot Bond evryone and life bond on A/D's keep up bonds and make sure you rebond the people that got rended. you also tank dhuum at the end. so the 8th slot has tons if different builds and is often called the leech spot. Ideal would be to have another terra but lets not bother with that basicly anything that helps the party out in some way is helpfull. dwg works shockwave ele's work another A/D works etc. [url=]Click here to go to Yum webby and see the builds[/url]

Mon 20 Dec 2010, 15:16:


Mon 20 Dec 2010, 16:59:

t1 Not sure if I can make it on time. I'll figure out soon and if not, just take my name off.

Tue 21 Dec 2010, 10:05:

switching Tway to Yumway will post the builds in first post soon.` EDIT: First post is updated

Tue 21 Dec 2010, 13:19:

Signed up with Serenity, will be taking mes role, I could run emo but you'll all die cos I'm noob. :P Will sort account to show mes later.

Tue 21 Dec 2010, 13:31:

Emo to go then.

Tue 21 Dec 2010, 13:44:

Can reroll if anyone else wants to go A/D

Tue 21 Dec 2010, 14:19:

I would've preferred to have gone mesmer again to learn the role better but I will sign up as e/mo - although I have never ran a bonder role with e/mo and have not ran a bonder in a long long time (since sorrow furnace green farms)

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