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Thu 28 Jun 2012, 16:44 in ALL KINDS OF EVERYTHING! HM
I want a fronis run all together.
Sun 10 Jun 2012, 07:21 in EURO 2012 Sweepstake...WIN 80 ECTOS HM
I'm waiting for michelle's gloating...
Wed 6 Jun 2012, 19:37 in Quik Silver's Application
Sun 3 Jun 2012, 12:24 in EURO 2012 Sweepstake...WIN 80 ECTOS HM
I'm always a heavy supporter for the Italians. And Nym, never underestimate the power of the hosts. ...
Mon 28 May 2012, 09:12 in Kitten huntin' HM
No they won't.
Sun 27 May 2012, 06:09 in Kitten huntin' HM
ALso known as Rragar's Menagerie.
Sat 19 May 2012, 13:35 in Carnage Runner (Chris)
[quote=Ma..Russ]an ex snow = auto invite 3/4[/quote] Be careful what u say, Russ, Jen and luk ...
Sun 13 May 2012, 05:20 in Karaoke Contest!!! Rawr HM
[quote=Core]Not gonna lie, i'm the best singer of the house when my parents arent home, which then c ...
Tue 1 May 2012, 11:40 in Lontex's Application
I didn't want to complicate any further for Nym, dear My Little Phony. ;) Shud have realised thoug ...
Tue 1 May 2012, 08:01 in Lontex's Application
It's actually Dutch speakers, Nym. Flemmish speakers are limited to Belgium only. ANd Flemmish is p ...

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